Rune Readings provide a connected message that you need to hear most. All readings are intuitive, without knowledge of the situation you seek information for, that way there is no bias going into it. It will simply be the message you are intended to receive. It may not always make sense at first, but you’ll know when it does.

How it works:
After you order and pay for your rune reading I will draw 2, 3, or 4 runes for you. I will sit with the message of each rune, and what they mean for you when they are put together. With this message, I will create a sigil combining the runes and ink it onto a 2″X4.5″ watercolor card, and write a brief description on the back. You will receive a longer writeup via email, so that you have a deeper understanding of the message.

2 Runes: $40
3 Runes: $60
4 Runes: $80

How to order:
Please contact me using the form below to order your Rune Reading. Please keep the message brief and without specific questions or information about your situation, worry, or interest. Payments will be made through Venmo or PayPal, and all orders are non-refundable.

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