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One on One Art Mentorship

We all have a unique style with our art.

Even if we don’t know what our style is, it’s there. The tools we choose, the way our lines naturally move, the way we see the world. Our style can be molded, and will flex and change over time, as we do. Still, with consistent practice, someone can look at your body of work and see the style that is uniquely yours.

One on one mentoring helps young artists develop their skills and their style. We’ll work together to set them on a path of creative growth.

What happens during a mentoring session:

  • The young artist and I will discuss their goals with mentoring and with their own art.
  • We will set clear steps for them to take in order for them to achieve these goals.
  • We will discuss artistic mediums and tools, and try some together over zoom.
  • I will offer gentle critiques to help them grow and push their art further.

What your artist will need:

  • An internet connection and Zoom.
  • Something to draw with and something to draw on. If they have mediums they’d like to try and/ or practice together, they will need those specific supplies. For example, if they want to try watercolor, they will need a pencil, watercolor paint, brushes, and watercolor paper. Students/ parents of students can e-mail me to ask about supplies before the session.
  • Focus and determination. In order to achieve one’s goals, one must be focused on them. Students will achieve the best results with practice, patience, and a willingness to try.

One hour mentoring sessions take place over Zoom. While a single session can help spark inspiration and creativity, it’s recommended to have three or more sessions to help with process and progress. After you purchase your session(s), we will have contact over e-mail to schedule a time, and to discuss any supplies that might be needed.

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All purchases are non-refundable.
If you have any questions, please contact me.

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