Character Design Basics

Character Design Basics Class

As an illustrator, one of my first steps with a new project is to design characters, and bring them to life. This process is great fun, but it has taken practice. I’ve learned throughout my art career how to take specific traits, and use them to create unique and interesting characters in each children’s book and commission. 

This beginners class was created with child students in mind. I have had students from ages 9-17, and all have thrived in this class. There is no prior experience necessary, there’s no grading, and no fancy tools are needed. All that each student will need is a pencil, a piece of paper, and an imagination!

The next Character Design Basics course will take place over Zoom on the following dates:

Line – April 6th, 4pm EST
Shape – April 13th, 4pm EST
Shading – April 20th, 4pm EST
Inspiration – April 27th, 4pm EST

What is covered in this class:
  • Line – how lines form the foundation and add details.
  • Shape – how shapes influence characters.
  • Shading – basic techniques and how they affect the overall look.
  • Inspiration – how to find and use it.


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