[free] Yule Goat Coloring Page

I created a Yule Goat Coloring page for free downloading and printing, for children to color! I’d love for you to share the finished products with me on social media. On Instagram, tag @sachase.art ! Enjoy, and have a Blessed Yule!

Reece the Raccoon – Character Design

Hey everyone! Last week I introduced my newest character: Reece the Raccoon! I’m currently drafting and sketching an illustrated children’s book starring this little guy, and I wanted to update everyone with part of the process. A big part of illustrating a book is designing characters. I’ve drawn Reece a few times now, in differentContinue reading “Reece the Raccoon – Character Design”

Ahoy, Imagination! – Draw 50 Things Challenge

I recently watched a video by Will Terry about his Draw 50 Things challenge.  (Watch the video here). Now, I’ll admit, it sounded like a great challenge that I might try, eventually, but I made no immediate plans to give it a real go.

Then, the other day, it happened. I was drawing an image and decided to make a background instead of leaving the walls and room blank, and before I knew it, I was searching my brain for 50 unique items that I could add. 

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