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Have you ever looked at a project and realized it needed to start from scratch, but put it off for a while? This happened to me recently, with one of my novel work-in-progress’. I loved the characters, but the world, the plot, and the magic system just weren’t working.

So, I re-wrote it.

From scratch.

In a dystopian setting.

To be entirely honest, there are elements of the last version that I miss, but this new version works entirely better! I’m glad I took a leap and played with this idea.

I have finished the first draft of this work, and now I’m diving into revisions!


Reece the Raccoon – Character Design

Hey everyone!

Last week I introduced my newest character: Reece the Raccoon!

I’m currently drafting and sketching an illustrated children’s book starring this little guy, and I wanted to update everyone with part of the process.

A big part of illustrating a book is designing characters. I’ve drawn Reece a few times now, in different ways and with different techniques, and I finally feel like I’m honing in on his overall design.

Photo Dec 10, 3 09 34 PMMy first design for Reece was much more painterly. It was adorable, of course, but it made him look more like a baby raccoon, one that might want to stay in the tree or with mom. I also wanted something a little more detailed, to help stand out against any background.


raccoon illustration holiday lights


Next was the holiday light illustration that I did, with Reece in mind. This version of him was much more cartoon-y, with his overly large head and exaggerated features. While there was more personality, it still didn’t feel quite right.



Photo Dec 10, 2 51 19 PM


So, I started to play around with different angles, and different levels of detail. I tried to keep a similar proportion, and kept the same amount of rings on his tail each time. I felt closer to what I envisioned for this character, but I wasn’t quite there yet.


Photo Dec 10, 2 51 05 PM



Finally, I decided on somewhere between realistic proportions and cartoonish exaggeration, and landed on the character design I’ll be using going forward!



My next steps for Reece’s story are to finish up the writing and editing, and continue working on the illustrations! For updates, be sure to follow me on Instagram.

Until next time,
Sarah A. Chase


Introducing: Reece the Raccoon

I recently posted a picture to social media of this little raccoon, getting himself into trouble with a string of holiday lights. As I work on creating this character, I plan on posting more of these little illustrations of him as I work on my newest, personal project.

Meet Reece the Raccoon:

Photo Dec 09, 9 09 22 PM

He’s a curious little guy, who loves to explore and tends to create a little bit of mischief, and he’s the main character in an illustrated children’s book that I’m currently working on!

I’m currently in the drafting and sketching stage of his first story.  As things progress, I will be sharing progress to Instagram and here on my website, and I’ll be sharing more sketches and illustrations of Reece in between!


Until next time,
-Sarah A. Chase

Ahoy, Imagination! – Draw 50 Things Challenge

I recently watched a video by Will Terry about his Draw 50 Things challenge.  (Watch the video here). Now, I’ll admit, it sounded like a great challenge that I might try, eventually, but I made no immediate plans to give it a real go.

Then, the other day, it happened. I was drawing an image and decided to make a background instead of leaving the walls and room blank, and before I knew it, I was searching my brain for 50 unique items that I could add.

In the end, I didn’t quite follow all he rules. For instance, duplicate items are only supposed to count as one, so all of those book bindings don’t count individually, but as I added things to the shelves and the walls, I was afraid of making it too cluttered.

Still, I drew more in one image than ever before. This challenge really had me thinking about placement and variety, and above all else I’d like to take that with me for future art making.

So, without further adieu, here’s the image:


Parents- how many times have they opened something, just to play with the cardboard box more than anything else? Comment below if this has happened to you!


*Image made on my Ipad Pro with an Apple Pencil, on the app Procreate.

An Unexpected Journey

When we’re little, we’re asked what we want to be when we grow up. I wanted to be a traveling photographer for Nat Geo, or a writer, or a psychologist, or a marine biologist- or a-

As an adult, I did try the old way; college and one set career. In true Gemini fashion, working day in and day out at the same job was never quite satisfying. However, writing daily, illustrating children’s books, photographing people and places (etc) has me in love.

I’ve finally settled on not settling.

Welcome to my new site, where all of my loves can be found under one name!

-Sarah A. Chase

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