Creative Play Zoom Meeting

Hey Artists!

For a little while, I’ve been doing these random character design challenges, where people give me random ideas, and I make something out of it. The last one I did was a Squirrel Pigeon Griffin:

These challenges really help me stretch my creative muscles and get the artistic spark going by taking a random idea and bringing it to life. Keeping this muscle strong helps me in my daily art work, as well as my personal projects. 

With this in mind, I’m putting together a Creative Play Zoom meeting to do some of these challenges as a group! In the same way as my individual challenges, I will gather some random ideas from around social media. Then, during the zoom meeting, we will all try and draw it in our own styles. There’s no competition with it, only fun!

We’re giving this a try on Friday, November 13th at 4pm EST. If it goes well, I will schedule more!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Something to draw with.
  • Something to draw on.
  • An internet connection/ Zoom.
  • An imagination!

That’s all! The goal here is to have fun. The $15 fee is per household, so anyone can join in! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

-Sarah A. Chase

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