Writing Advice: How to work when traveling.

Are you a writer who travels, or has a trip coming up? Maybe you’re wondering how it’s possible to keep the words flowing, even when you’re away from home.

Or, maybe you’re someone who can set their work down and just have a vacation, but I don’t know anything about that.

I love to write when I’m away from home. I often find myself more inspired when I’m in a new location, instead of sitting on my couch in my small New England town. But how is it done?

Well, firstly, I’d like to direct you to my post about scheduling time to write, because you should, but sometimes travel can take your normal schedule and throw it out the window. Which, all in all, is not a bad thing.

With or without a set schedule for your trip, there are plenty of ways you can work on that WIP or that big new idea while you’re away from home.

  1. Bring your laptop, or tablet with a keyboard: Whatever portable device you use when writing in a cafe (or on the couch) – bring that. Plan for it in your packing, especially if you’re like me and do cary-on only when you fly!
  2. Utilize phone apps: Notes. Voice messages. Pinterest. Even if you’re in a cab, on the plane, or on a glacier tour in Iceland, I’m willing to bet you have your phone with you. Don’t think “oh I’ll remember this later,” because let’s be real, that rarely works. And you know what, if that works for you, then I envy you. Anyway, there’s probably a generic notes app on your phone, but Evernote is another good one. You can organize notes, pictures, etc within the app itself! Not sponsored or anything, I simply love the app when I’m on the go.
  3. Take lots of pictures: Is the view itself inspiring you? The architecture? Whatever it might be, even if it doesn’t fit your current WIP, take a picture and save it for later.


Happy travels, happy writing!



-Sarah A. Chase

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