BookCon 2019

BookCon happened earlier this month in NYC!

I know plenty of others who blogged the entire experience during the weekend, and others shortly after, but I’ve had an incredible month that sort of put this post on the back burner. (Mainly because I wrote an entire book this month, but we’ll get to that later.)

I’ll start by saying, I love visiting New York City. The ease of getting around, the never ending list of things to do, and VEGAN DELIVERY brings me so much joy. We’ve taken our son a couple of times in the past, but this was the first year my husband and I attended BookCon. My son went to the city, too, but he enjoyed other activities with his grandmother.

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But let’s get back to BookCon. 

In short, if you haven’t been to BookCon yet and you love to read, then I highly recommend that you give it a try next year.

My husband and I were both excited to attend, though I think one of us was perhaps just slightly more energetic about it. (I’ll let you decide, from the pictures below.) We walked to the convention from our hotel, we took a few pictures outside, then we went in and got in line.

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Now, I’ve been to quite a few places and events that entailed waiting in a long line; Amusement parks, book signings, Running of the Brides. But this was, well, more. We gathered pretty closely together, and sat on the floor while we waited. I heard later on that some people generally waited until after the initial rush, which I might take into account next year.

But yes, it was quite the rush.

The gates opened, and we were off.

On all sides, I watched people engage their strategies. They darted to specific booths, some even had maps in hand as they did so. There were looks of certainty, of confidence, of sheer determination.

There were also those who meandered through with eyes as wide as saucers, who were more confused than the guy who asked us if BookCon was some weed fest.

Yeah. We were overwhelmed, to say the least. But, after we broke away from the crowd, took a few deep breaths, and looked around, we caught our bearings.

There were a few book drops we missed out on while we tried to figure out what the f was happening, but that’s alright. We still got plenty of other goodies, and saw some great panels! There were some we split up for, and others we watched together. All in all, it was a pretty epic two days. We met great people who attended, we listened to incredible talks, and we got plenty of books to take home with us. (Leave room in that suitcase of yours!)

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On the second day, early in the morning, I attended a writing workshop.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I sat at one of the tables and pulled out my little notebook before the class started. I was nervous, too, but as my table started to fill and the conversations started flowing, the nerves fell away.

The instructor spoke about speculative fiction, and gave us several prompts to help inspire us and improve our writing. We’d work on the prompts for a few minutes, then share our ideas at our tables. The other writers I brainstormed and shared with were kind, talented, fun people, and I’m thankful for that experience with them!

And I went to lunch with a wealth of ideas.

I spent the second day of BookCon scribbling in my notebook with every break that I got, inspiration completely overtaking me. I had signed up for the workshop to help make my current works stronger, which will still happen, but this idea was too front-and-center to ignore. So, I let myself become immersed in the idea, in the world that was building itself in my head.

I wrote back at the hotel, typing my ideas into Scrivener.
I wrote at home, while I was there for four days.
I wrote while on Cape Cod for two week.
I wrote a book in the month of June, and did two rounds of revisions!



New York City – amazing.
BookCon – incredible, but can be overwhelming. You should go.
BookCon Writing Workshops – inspiring, and an absolute must for writers attending the Con.

It was a fantastic weekend, and I plan to try and go back next year. Though, I’m hoping to be one of the people with a map and a plan!





-Sarah A. Chase


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