Introducing: Reece the Raccoon

raccoon illustration holiday lights

I recently posted a picture to social media of this little raccoon, getting himself into trouble with a string of holiday lights. As I work on creating this character, I plan on posting more of these little illustrations of him as I work on my newest, personal project.

Meet Reece the Raccoon:

Photo Dec 09, 9 09 22 PM

He’s a curious little guy, who loves to explore and tends to create a little bit of mischief, and he’s the main character in an illustrated children’s book that I’m currently working on!

I’m currently in the drafting and sketching stage of his first story.  As things progress, I will be sharing progress to Instagram and here on my website, and I’ll be sharing more sketches and illustrations of Reece in between!


Until next time,
-Sarah A. Chase

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